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You are invited to send us your questions and opinions.  We pledge to reply promptly and personally.

If you do have a question for us... have you looked first on the FAQ Page to see if it's already there?

Sorry but we are usually unable to comply with requests for parts, pictures, or data beyond that which is already shown here.  Everything that we can reveal now, we already have.


If you are confident, or simply hopeful, that you own an original communicator, you should contact us for all the great reasons discussed at length on The Collector's Corner page.  We will keep your correspondence personal and confidential.

We also welcome contributions of photographs, accounts or any material related to original communicators you wish to share with our readers.  We will respect your wishes as to whether you be a named or an anonymous donor.

If you are intending to send photographs of your (possibly) authentic comm prop, please review the following page for guidance:


> > > The Details - SENDING YOUR PHOTOS  < < < <


And remember...

1) It would be helpful on all emails to please clearly indicate the nature of your correspondence up front in your "Subject" line.

2) If you don't hear back from us within, oh, a week or so, maybe our spam filter stopped you message by mistake, or maybe yours filtered out our reply.  Rephrase the Subject line and try again. If you are a member of the TPZ chat board, you can also send us a PM via that route. Or if all else is failing, we can be reached through our non-active placeholding account at eBay.

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